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Copy this image to your twitter, facebook, tumblr, wherever!  Be sure to include the link below it! :D…
  • Mood: Pride
  • Watching: Going Postal

Copy this image to your twitter, facebook, tumblr, wherever!  Be sure to include the link below it! :D…
  • Mood: Pride
  • Watching: Going Postal

Thanks for the intro, scribbly cartoon version of Edaniel!

Friends (and shamwows), I wanted to talk to you today about something very important.  Maybe not earthquake or collapse-of-the-stock-market important, but relatively important for a given value of "important."  It's kind of long, but ferrets are mentioned at the end, as well as party hats, so just take five minutes to read it please!

So in the course of this Kickstarter for the Bizenghast video game beginning, we've been covered by a few places online...not very many big places, just a few mentions here and there on various blogs.  Anime News Network was kind enough to mention us on their site just recently:…

Which was really terrific of them, since we're not exactly on the same radar as most of the stuff they report!  But possibly what was less than terrific were the comments left in the forums regarding that article.  I'd like you to take a look at them, because I think it's important that you read them:…

Please note that they are less than kind. Please also note that I am asking you, VERY EMPHATICALLY, not to log on to that site and leave comments in response. I mean it, this is not some "set forth my minions" post, neither is it a reverse-psychology "wink wink don't go say anything, GOT IT?" post.  I am genuinely asking you NOT TO DO THAT, because flame wars in comment sections are for morons and nobody ever in the history of the world had their opinions changed by something they read in a comment section, and you won't win, and you'll just feel bad and then I'll feel bad that you feel bad.  So please for the love of Rutger Hauer's teutonic petulance do not do that.  That's NOT the reason I want you to read it. 

I wanted you to take a look at those comments, then think on the fact that I was once the very same person, saying the very same thing.  I was in high school, I was a manga and anime fan and I was standing in my local comic book shop, wearing my backpack with the Sailor Moon stickers on it, hovering over the incredibly tiny little section of translated manga...basically just one small shelf of maybe ten books.  I was reading a comic by an american artist who had been doing "american manga" sinc the late eighties...american art with a manga influence.  Not a photocopy of manga, but a hybrid of the two styles.  15-year old me pretty derisive of it. How AWFUL! It didn't look a THING like real manga!  What a crappy american knockoff of a copy of a JOKE.  What a terrible artist.  He had no business trying to compete with REAL manga.

I was saying this to myself, while holding my own little sketchbook full of drawings...drawings done in a distinctly hybrid american manga style.  I was an american manga artist who was sneering at american manga artists...because *I* was going to grow up and do it better than them. I'd show them how a REAL american artist could use manga style art to make a real story!  They had no idea, they were so clueless, I bet they didn't even read real manga.  But I knew better.

It wasn't until years later, when pitching around my series, that I realized the only reason I was even going to get published in America was because of people like that.  Those early artists, who maybe didn't have it all figured out and whose style of art didn't appeal to me personally.  But they did the HARD work, setting the foundations for other artists to come along and do it much better.  They did what no one was doing at the time and they got a lot of shit for it...and then when younger artists down the line turned up to get published, they were there as the precedent.  When those new, younger artists submitted their own work, publishers looked to that early version of american manga and said, "Well, those earlier guys had a pretty decent cult following.  They did all right.  I guess we can give this new guy a shot, might be worth our time."  Without those original comics paving the way, none of those younger, newer artists would have had such an easy time selling their work.  And manga itself wouldn't have been pushed into the american comics industry as much as it was, for you to easily buy in the bookstore, all translated and ready to go. The early ones may not have been the best, but they were necessary. 

That same thing is happening now, with the Kickstarter.  I'm a small, independent comic artist, not a billion-dollar Batman franchise with a huge studio behind it.  Logically and historically, I should have next to no hope of ever having a game based on my books.  Despite what one of those comments on that ANN forum asserted, even having OSCAR-WINNING ANIMATORS on our creative time isn't enough to get the funding we need without turning to Kickstarter.  Animators aren't rich, and just winning an award doesn't mean you get a huge check to go with it.  Our entire creative team are just normal guys and gals with families and kids to feed, none of us are wealthy and we have bills to pay.  But despite that, we've worked overtime on top of regular jobs to make this Kickstarter happen.  All that money for those blockbuster movies and films came from the huge studios and their investors, not from the animators' pockets.  And those same big investors, which we went to first to get funding, have looked at the BZG game concepts and said, "Wow, that looks so cool!  But it's not, you know, BATMAN.  It's not something big-name.  We don't invest in things that aren't huge money-making franchises.  Raise some money first and then we'll know if there's a precedent."

And so that's the long and short of it.  A lot of future artists and comic creators right now think they can afford to look at this little project and go, "PPFFF, I hate your art, I'm not supporting you." And the project will fail, like so many others just like it.  And ten years down the road when those future artist think they want to try and do a video game based on their own projects, those same investors are going to say, "Yeah, we tried that years ago, they never got funded either.  Clearly there's no market.  Sorry, but it's all about precedent."

Think that's not how business works?  I had Howard Chaykin tell me once at a forum that back in the 80's, a Marvel comics rep once stood up at a meeting and said to him, "Look, we tried selling comic books to women, and it didn't work.  Clearly there's no market."  Took years and years and YEARS (not to mention the precedent of female readers already set by manga, then introduced to the US) to change their minds.  It's all about precedent.  If you want it for your own future, you have to help make it happen now. 

"But Marty, I am only a simple snakey pal, albeit very rad!" you say, "and I have zero dollars!"

Well that's OK, because the phrase "talk is cheap" is about to get a completely new and much more positive definition.  Talk IS fact, it's free.  It's so free that people who HATE Bizenghast actually feel that it's worth their time to bother telling the world why they don't like it.  It's so free that one of the commentators specifically said they wasted time signing up for a forums account on ANN, JUST so they could state that they wouldn't be supporting the Kickstarter.

There are people out there actively wasting their time telling the world why they don't care.  So why aren't you telling the world why you DO care?  I get messages all time from people that start off with, "I have loved Bizenghast ever since I was 10..." And yet our comment section on the Kickstarter is ghostly empty.  You think your message doesn't matter, or that it won't help?  IT WILL HELP. 

Here is the comments section for the Kickstarter page:…

Have you donated to the Kickstarter? TELL US WHY. Tell a story about the first time you read Bizenghast, how old you were, how you felt, what it means to you, how long you've been a fan.  Link us to your favorite piece of fan art that you've drawn.  Take a picture of yourself holding a copy of your book and post it in Tumblr or Flickr, then POST THAT LINK.  Did you ever have your picture taken with me at a con?  Post that.  Got a Bizenghast cosplay photo you want to share?  POST THAT SHIT POSTHASTE.  Favorite Mister Mittens quote?  Favorite Edaniel moment?  Favorite snoaf story?  FREAKING GET IN HERE.  That comment section is bogusly empty and we must cram it full of people and animals and ferrets in party hats and boomboxes and nachos and balloons and MORE NACHOS and streamers and the Harlem Shake and EVEN MORE NACHOS.  What we don't have in donations yet, we will make up for with the BIGGEST COMMENTS PARTY OF ALL TIME.  Other Kickstarter projects will be banging on the ceiling and calling the COPS, we'll be so loud.  Nothing but good times, photos, stories, anecdotes, MADNESS.

Have you not donated yet to the Kickstarter?  You can only comment if you're a backer.  Back us for 1 dollar. ONE DOLLAR.  That's not a donation, that's your one-dollar entry fee to the comments party.  We're stamping hands at the door and you can come back in as many times as you like. But there's a ten-ferret minimum. 

And maybe, just maybe, somebody somewhere will say, "We need a new feature for our Kickstarter promotion section this week, so who's project is making the most money right now---what the hell is that?  What's going on over there?  Do you hear that? Is...IS THAT A WHALE IN THE POOL?!"

Precedent set.

Like my favorite quote from the Lorax says: "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better.  It's not."

Unless you help right now, RIGHT this minute, and stick with it until the very end, this project will fail.  The game won't get made, we'll all be sad and I'll be out of work for the summer, so I don't know what on earth I'll do for money.  So grab your ferrets and your nachos and GET IN HERE.

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Oh it's ON.  It's officially so ON that I seriously doubt if it will EVER BE OFF AGAIN.  The Kickstarter to make the Bizenghast video game HAPPEN is now live!  Check it out, become a backer, get in on that early bird backer reward goodness and STAY TUNED for a month of EPIC EPICNESS.

TEN DOLLARS GETS YOU A COPY OF THE GAME FOR FREE, plus mobile wallpapers.  You have NO reason not to donate for a deal that good!

Featuring updates, art, contests, more updates, hats, fangly monsters, still MORE updates, stories, prank wars, still more prank wars, and also BIZENGHAST.

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Help me out here!  A very nice young lady helped me out at Katsucon by taking a few headshots of me with her spiffy camera, for me to use on my website.  But now I've lost her info and don't know who to contact to ask for them!  If you know who it was that I talked to at the meetup on Saturday, please help me out! Thanks!

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You waited, you watched, your brain sat in anticipation, and now it's time for Riddle Road 4: New Gods!  Featuring the continuing second season of Bizenghast, PLUS a new David and Valerie mini-comic and a further unraveling of the secret about Edaniel that will make your brain literally, not figuratively, explode inside your skull!…

Pre-order the NEW Riddle Road installment right now, because volume 4 is on sale for 20% off and the first 75 pre-orders pay just 99 CENTS for shipping...that's right, even international orders!  Y'all gonna save major dosh!

Why am I doing a pre-order instead of a regular order right now?  Because I'm offering a new feature for this issue, called Letters to the Mausoleum.  I'd like you to write in to your favorite character about anything you like (questions, comments for them, etc), and I'll pick three or four letters to be answered by those characters and printed in the back of the issue!  Note me privately with your letter...the deadline is March 7th (next Friday!).

As a personal aside, I just want to thank everyone so far who has bought and read Riddle Road, in any capacity. I was discussing publishing the other day with some people in the industry and they were trying to assert the idea that "readers today only want flash pictures, interactive, multimedia, attention-grabbing stuff."  One guy was telling me flat out that comics and literature have to hop on the bandwagon of reinventing themselves for iPads, phones, all that, and do it in loud, full-color animated ways, just to get people to still care. And they have to be 1.99 or less, because people don't have the patience or concern to support artists any more, unless it's stupid cheap. And they need tons of alternate covers and to be sold in certain places and push hype on a bunch of review sites, blah blah, just to sell at all.

I was like, "Well maybe my readers are just smarter than most, but they care more about story.  And to prove it, here's a bunch of sales data about people who have bought Riddle Road.  No glossy cover, no gimmicks, just good story, in a plain little printed cardstock cover, with computer printed pages, and a little ashcan comic in the middle.  I don't earn enough from it to make a living or anything, but it definitely helps out a little with bills, and I enjoy doing it.  Someday I even hope to take the whole story and turn it into a proper graphic novel continuation."

Dude was flabbergasted.  He just kept saying, "Wait...and people buy these?  Like, they read them?"  I was like, "Well yeah, DUH, they want to read a story, you know, like an actual STORY?  Because they're fans, and want to see how the rest of the story goes?  Like people used to do?"  Dude couldn't wrap his head around it, the idea that people want to support a good story series and read it regardless of how non-shiny its packaging might be and how not-iPad-compatible it is.

So today's sale is really a thank-you for being the awesomest fans on planet Earth and also every other planet.  You care enough to spend a little extra to support an independent writer and artist, instead of throwing less money at a conglomeration book-mill that pays the writer practically nothing and pushes crappy knock-off stories that were written by committee based on TV trends and merchandising.  That not only means a lot to me, but it really says a lot about you!

In fact, without your support of Riddle Road, these game people I'm working with now wouldn't ever have considered Bizenghast as worth making a game about.  The fact that people are willing to continue reading it in a humble little ashcan format really sent them the message that it's a story worth following and people really care about it!

So THANK YOU EVERYONE.  I don't like to brag, but I pretty much have the smartest, most discerning fans in the world.  Also the handsomest and nicest-smelling. :D  You are all MINTY FRESH and DELIGHTFUL!

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Ugh, OK, ONE more update. I am going to TRY MY BEST to make it to katsu saturday morn in time for the meetup at noon by the gazebo! No promises, the roads here are really bad today, but I hope I will be able to make it!
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Oh no bro, just got the last of the kickin' rad Pink Edaniel stickers! Check out a few:

SO CUTE!  And yes, they say "Join the few, the proud, the deceased" around the top edge. :3

Nabbing one of these stickers entitles you to get a complimentary matching embroidered 3" patch during the campaign for the Bizenghast video game!  I'll be handing these out at Katsucon next weekend, during the Bizenghast meetup by the gazebo in the Gaylord Hotel, at 4:30 PM FRIDAY.  Be there or be box-shaped! And don't forget that everyone who comes in a Bizenghast costume will get a free piece of exclusive signed art from me! 

Did I mention the giant Edaniel?  There's gonna be a giant Edaniel. And he wants you to give him a hug! (and make out, but I strongly urge you to deny this request).

We'll also be conducting interviews for the campaign with fans and Fish Puppet will make the scene as well!  So I hope you'll want to tell everyone why you think a BZG video game will be just about the greatest thing ever!

And after that...well, we've got just about the most MIND-BLOWING GREATEST CAMPAIGN EVER.   It's a non-stop, month-long party of new things to check out every day!  The very least of which will be:

Exclusive BZG character photo shoots
The Great Bizenghast Sleepover Fiction
The mind-exploding, full-color end of the Mister Mittens Saga!
Fan mail answered by the BZG cast
...and more heinous and quite frankly illegal things!
My brain is melting just THINKING about it!
xoxo M!
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Just got some previews of the 3D render of Dinah back from the modeler and they are AMAZING!! I'm just DYING over here, they're so totally awesome!!  As soon as the modeler is done I'll see if I can get the go-ahead to post previews for you!!


In the meantime, I saw that some of you answered my Katsucon poll and said you would be attending the con. I'd like to do a group meet Friday afternoon on the gazebo level at 5PM and do some fish puppet interviews, shoot some footage of fans for our campaign, sign any books you might like to bring and just hang out and be rad together!  Everyone who attends the BZG meetup will get one of the last remaining Pink Edaniel stickers and be eligible for the Pink Edaniel exclusive embroidered patch! These are the LAST chance to get these stickers!

You'll also get to hang out with the Giant Edaniel!  Yeah.  There's gonna be one. A GIANT one.

Also, anyone who comes in a Bizenghast costume will get a free piece of exclusive signed art from me!  And a hug, cuz you're SO GREAT!!  

Let me know if 5pm on Friday works for everyone!
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And here is your clue to find her!
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OH MY GOD you guys, you are SO going to just die when you see the campaign we're lining up for the BZG game.  Like for reals you will die. I'm looking at some of the gameplay and other footage we might be using for the video and I'm dying, like RIGHT NOW.  OMG! SO AMAZING.

By the way, if you're attending AOD in San Francisco on the 25th and 26th of this month, look for the secret Dinah walking around the showrooms and handing out more stickers, redeemable for wicked embroidered BZG patches!  She'll be dressed in the compass dress (which got the most votes as Dinah's default game dress...what, you think I was just asking you that for fun?  We are SO going to the fans for their input while we make this game!), but she'll be intentionally hard to find, so you'll have to really search!  Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to nab one of the final limited-edition stickers, and qualify to get a fabulous embroidered Edaniel patch later on during the campaign!


I want to know how many ppl are attending Katsucon, as I'd like to do a little Bizenghast costume meetup there!  If you come to Katsu in a Bizenghast costume, you'll get a bunch of cool special prizes, an interview with Fish Puppet and be video'd for the campaign!  So I want to know if anyone is planning on doing such a thing, because that would be REALLY FUN!!
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EDIT:  The website is temporarily down, due to my own incompetence :\ I was messing with some files in the ftp and...messed it up.  It'll be back up Monday!

If you're not in the New Mexico area to go sign up in person at the Cosmic Forces booth at Albuquerque Comic-Con and enter to receive a free iPad Mini, we have GOT YOU COVERED.

Visit to sign up virtually for the BZG video game campaign newsletter and you will automatically be entered to win! YEAH BROTHER!!

(I wasn't gonna do this, but Edaniel insisted.  He's a little mad we made him bright pink for the campaign and he wants payback.  He also insists on being recolored as a delightful shade of salmon.)

And remember, this isn't even the beginning of all the cool stuff for the campaign!  Every minute of the actual kickstarter fundraiser is going to feature game play demos, development news, contests, updates, dares, double dog dares, the finale of the Mister Mittens saga, Edrear in a dress, The Great Bizenghast Sleepover fiction, cosplay photo shoots, videos of someone eating a tremendous number of spring rolls in one sitting without barfing (me), gypsy curses, reverse-reverse psychology, ferrets the size of a municipal bus, Fish Puppet, shenanigans and hijinks, and SO MUCH MORE.  Plus rewards like you ain't never seen!  So sock your pennies away and get ready to donate to the first american manga video game!  BE PART OF THE HISTORY, DUDES!


Are you going to ACC?  If so, stop by the Cosmic Forces booth to check out info on the new Bizenghast video game, AND be entered to win a brand-new iPad mini! 

Seriously, a new iPad Mini?  HELL YES.  I wish I qualified,cuz I'd SO enter!

You'll also get free Bizenghast limited Pink Edaniel stickers AND can sign up to receive free Pink Edaniel big embroidered patches! VERY LIMITED, VERY SWAG and ONLY being made for this one time!


This weekend at Albuquerque Comic-Con in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

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Something of utter and complete magnificence and insanity is coming very soon. 

I can't tell you everything, but it's the culmination of a dream many of us thought would never happen.  It involves 3D animation by some of the best people in film and video, incredible action and adventure and one smart-talking green cat. 

It's a video game.

It's a Bizenghast video game.

It's a Bizenghast video game in a fully 3D world.

And I'm going to play the voice of Dinah.

Told you that you should have sat down.

Stay tuned, because on Valentine's Day, the town of Bizenghast is about to get a little bit stranger...and a whole lot bigger.

I've been gone a WHILE!  Sorry to be AWOL for like FOREVER, I've had a lot of things going on Marty-wise and just haven't gotten back to DA until do DECEMBER DOODLES!

Once again, :iconotakutre: and I are teaming up to do a doodle a day for every day in December...this is our SEVENTH YEAR straight!  Will we finally do the whole month and not give up right around the 21st?  We'll sure promise to do so!  Will it actually happen?  Of course not!  It never does!  That's the magic of December Doodles.

Here is this year's list of daily themes!

Ye Olde Doodle Time

Undersea Shenanigans
When I Grow Up
The Truth

It's In the Bag!
Winter Weather
Your Best Friends
The Perfect Gift
Mysterious Things
This Means War
The Munchies
Nap Time
Bring Your ____ to Work Day
Elves at Work
Princess Explosion!
Snow Day
A New Frontier
Cookies II: Electric Cookieloo
New Year's Resolutions

Also yes, I will still be doing the doodles from the last journal entry. XD
Have you ordered your copy of The Riddle Road 3?  They ship today and the first fifty are almost sold out!  Order now to secure your first-fifty bonus of an exclusive free trading card from the Riddle Road series!…

Also, IT'S ANOTHER DOODLE POST.  You know the drill: post a reply to this journal with a doodle idea (a small idea, like "hippo in a dress", or "a rain of fishes", or "Edaniel eats a pizza.")  I'll pick five tonight to doodle and post in my gallery! PLUS ONE BONUS ONE JUST FOR SHIGGLES.

You can submit more than one doodle idea.

Not accepted:

Offensive things
R-rated things
Your OCs/your creepy fan art fantasies

If you're not sure how it works, check out the last one:…
Riddle Road three NOW AVAILABLE!!

Order now:…

Check out my latest deviation to see the book AND the cool bonus stuff that comes with it!!

Also, here are the winners of the fan art contest, who will get their art in volume three and a free copy!  If you are a winner, please NOTE ME with your address so I can send you your free copy!

:iconanacrisi: - Riddle Road by AnaCrisi

:iconblueeyedgreen: - Bizenghast by BlueEyedGreen

:iconsybil-chan: - A brother's care by Sybil-chan

:iconvampirepumpkin: - chibi criad? by VampirePumpkin

Congrats to everyone!