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February 18, 2008




I'm all for the sharing of information over the interwebs in a free and legal manner.  But apparently some huge Vincent fangirl buzzkill is determined to ruin my funtime by constantly deleting all information about Vincent's death from the official Bizenghast wiki:…

Seriously.  They add in all this pointless minutae about Vincent doing other stuff and how great and cuddly he is, but they seem to be in super-denial about him being dead, and everytime someone tries to mention it, they go right back in and angrily revert.

At first I didn't care because I don't really take an interest in wikis about me or the things I do, but when I noticed someone ADAMANTLY refused to admit he was dead, I tried to add it back in myself.  It's just sickening to see how much this person or persons slavish attention on Vincent and go blah blah blah about how FREAKING SENSITIVE he is, but won't talk about the fact that HE IS NO LONGER ALIVE OR IN THE STORY.  You'd think maybe that was a little more important than what he did at school that one time?  

Wikis involve spoilers, people. As long as there's a header warning spoilers, it's all right to have them.  And having them means the wiki is up to date.  It's a NECCESSARY THING.  But I'm sure if you go on there, it will have been reverted again in some petty wiki war.  It's really, really, REALLY stupid.  It makes me so crazy, sometimes I just want to ask them to remove the whole article altogether, because it's completely NUTTO.  It makes no sense to get so worked up over something so minor, you know?

And this, friends, is EXACTLY why we can't have nice things.


I still want this!:…


ALSO, I shall be super spiff guest at SakuraCon this year, as well as judging the cosplay! Yay my first SakuraCon, I hope you'll all be there and say hi to me, yeah!  

Also ALSO check out my friend :iconwintersknight:'s amaaaaazing Maggie Murdoch cosplay!  You gets five shiny snakey stars for you amazing costumes, sassy!

Come Little Children by WintersKnight Faerie Woman by WintersKnight Miss Maggie Murdoch by WintersKnight An Unlikely Duo by WintersKnight


ALSO, finally got around to watching a few episodes of that Bizenghast iManga thing on Youtube.  WTF BRITISH VINCENT.  Anyway.  The guy who did Edaniel actually didn't do too bad a job.  (I never got around to submitting my own audition for it so I missed out, laaaaaazy!)  You can check out his first appearance here:…

I like all the kooky stuff they do in the background while he's talking. It's silly.

High-pitched girly Dinah voice FOR THE LOSE, however.  She's sposed to have somewhat of a deeper voice with a slight edge to it.  Sort of like Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, but without the sarcasm.

Still, a very cool little mini-series, I suggest you check it out!

I have a chat with a puppet:…


ALSO ALSO ALSO the Bizenghast forum 2.0 is back up and you should check it out!… advice column is now being posted on there and has recently been updated, as well as other nutty stoofs.  Stop by and see!

-a marty

The Bizenghast roleplaying game is almost ready to be released!  I've seen the final treatment and think it's BOSS.  I hope you'll all be on board for RPing and DMing yer BZGs and other acronyms.


I'm pleased to announce that Bizenghast is being made into a book series!  I's a book series NOW, but it's a comic book series, while this new series is a novel series.  

The books are written by an amazing chap named Shawn who is a professional writer and has a really great voice for the series that I really can't wait to see in the finished books!

I'll be contributing original illustrations to the books, as well the cover art.  But really the best part of this series is all the cool stuff in it...backstory to all the characters and town of Bizenghast, as well as Di and Vi's adventures in the vaults that never made it into the comic series!

I hope you'll all check this series out when it's released, I'm super psyched about it!

Bizenghast Fan Club on DeviantArt!… guys, you're so cool for starting this club!  I'm very excited about it. :trophy:

MORE NEWS:  In addition to The Poison Apple Book of Stories, I am working on a second self-published book called Publish Me Or The Girl Gets It: How To Get Published In Comics Without Resorting To Blackmail.  Pretty self-explanatory title!  More on that project later!


ART COMMISSIONS are always for sale!  Black and white, Copic colors and pencil sketches available.  Please NOTE ME on Da for rates, or email QueenAlice @!

Join the TCTF by silentskulls :thumb68701830:

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mazouko Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
I thought it made sense for Vincent to die. He was a bit of hindrance, like when he tried tricking the mausoleum (sp?) with fake gold. If he does come back I don't mind as long it's not like Goku from DBZ. He's dead, he's not, he's dead, he's not... Caving into the fans really messed that up.
sadwonderland Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
PhantomTeacup Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
I've read a lot of books where characters I like die, and I accept it. After all, they are fictional characters.
CuteGothy Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008
geeez - i'm still mourning vicent (you've probably figured that out) but he's just a character, jeez. He's not bloody harry potter, for gods sake
Crap! Must stay away from spoilers >.<
scaramoushe Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
not being funny, but i'm kind of glad you desided to kill him off, its a twist on the normal storys. i wanted that to happern at the end of the harry potter books too, because it leaves a huge gap if jk wanted to write another she could bring him back alive or see how the other characters react. so good on you. if people can't accept it then fine... :hug:
Neon-Heart Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008
Yop. Vincent is dead.
I realized that when he died :B

Silly people in denial!
LikaLaruku Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2008
This Taeyang Shade doll is $76. [link]
Not much cheaper though. :(

Vincent's death was awfully sudden, but I'm curious about the setup.
LikaLaruku Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2008
Sweet! I'm going to Sakura Con too! I get to see 2 mangaka's I actually buy from this year ^.^ Are you comming in cosplay (do I even need to ask that?)
puffgirl117 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2008
Well, I was just there and all was good and dead... so I guess either they took a break or they gave up...

That's really obnoxious, to be so far in denial that you would actually alter wikipedia like that... SHAME!!!!
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